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We seek to make a compelling difference in the lives of adults with advanced multiple sclerosis and other progressive neurological conditions. With your help we can make a difference. Learn more and get involved.

News & Notes

The Boston Home and Dr. Salvatore Napoli from the Neurology Center of New England are pleased to announce their joint collaboration in establishing an MS clinic for the residents of The Boston Home.

As we recognize #MSAwarenessMonth, we are pleased to provide this significant research update from The Boston Home's CASA-MS research partnership with the University at Buffalo Neuroimaging Analysis Center.
“We couldn’t know what the CASA-MS study would show because no one has done this research previously,” Dr. Robert Zivadinov explains. “What we know now is that the differences between the two groups we studied are striking, and striking in ways that may surprise many of us in this field. I am confident these findings open new doors for both people with severe disabilities, as well as the promise of new insights for the millions more who worry where their disease may take them.”
CASA-MS compared two sets of 53 multiple sclerosis patients who had the same gender and disease duration but vast and measurable differences in the extent of their physical and cognitive disabilities. Residents of The Boston Home participated in the study, representing the more severely disabled cohort. Read on to learn about the significant and surprising preliminary study results:

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