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AstraZeneca Advancing Our Health Equity Ambition: 2023-2024 ACT on Health Equity Community Investments
The Boston Home is committed to addressing health inequities that people with disabilities, due to progressive and degenerative disorders, face. The Life Enhancing Programs respond to the gap between basic healthcare and quality of life for people by providing services that empower access, independence and health. The Boston Home seeks to support those who deserve connection, accessibility and health equity with limited to no financial burden for the care recipient.

Celebrating "Mama" Marie Etienne
Welcoming Students to Our Campus
Hosting Black History Month Presentation on Mary Eliza Mahoney,
America's First Black Professional Nurse

Are you looking to build new connections and explore wellness solutions in the new year? B.Fit! at The Boston Home offers daily wellness programming in a supportive community for adults living with multiple sclerosis and other progressive neurological disorders. Join us on Thursday, January 25, 12-2 PM for an Open House with a focus on socializing and wellness solutions. Please contact Program Director Emily Lakis for more information, or 617-326-4300. We hope to see you there!

New from The Boston Home

New from The Boston Home, July 2023

The McCourt Foundation Boston Waterfront 5K, Family & Friends Garden Party, and National Skilled Nursing care Week.

Celebrating Volunteers!

The Boston Home is proud to share its 2022 Annual Report.

On Wednesday, March 8th, The Boston Home proudly welcomed Dr. Annie Brewster, founder of Health Story Collaborative, as our MS Awareness Month Guest Speaker. Dr. Brewster is an Assistant Professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, a practicing physician at Massachusetts General Hospital, and a writer and storyteller. She is also a patient, diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in 2001. Dr. Brewster is widely published in the press and is author of The Healing Power of Storytelling: Using Personal Narrative to Navigate Illness, Trauma, and Loss (2022).