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Spirituality & Wellness

What Makes Us Special

During an extended visit to the Boston area, Monsignor Alex Bobby Benson, Director of Matthew 25 House in Koforidua, Ghana, officiated at a Catholic Mass at The Boston Home.

The Boston Home offers an innovative Wellness and Spirituality program with relaxation, meditation, and on site religious services for residents of various faiths. Residents living with progressive disease discuss their spiritual lives with each other and trained staff, including Rev. Dr. Jeffery Johnson, coordinator of the non-denominational Spirituality program, designed to “nurture the needs of the mind, body and spirit.”

Regular wellness programs include relaxation, Compassionate Touch and Reiki. 
Some of the special practices developed at The Boston Home include:

Memorial Peace Doves and Cranes

The Boston Home staff and residents have developed an innovative formal end of life ritual for residents that has proved meaningful for families, friends, and those in the deceased person’s circle of friends and caregivers at The Boston Home.

Catholic Mass, Protestant services, and Friday Shabbat services are held at The Boston Home.

Other religious holidays observed at The Boston Home include:

  • Seder
  • Nightly lighting of the Menorah during Hannukah
  • Christmas
  • Thanksgiving
  • Ash Wednesday
  • Palm Sunday