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Ways of Giving

The Boston Home's Philanthropy and Communications office is available to discuss the avenues of giving that will be best for you. Please contact Ali Cahill, Philanthropy & Communications, at 617-326-4361 or
Thank you for your support of The Boston Home.
Download The Boston Home Ways of Giving


Gifts and Pledges

You may wish to make an outright gift of cash, designate a gift to particular program, service or campaign, or commit an amount over a certain number of years. Gifts provide The Boston Home with a reliable source of income into the future.

ACH & Wire Transfer

You may safely and conveniently transfer funds from your bank account via wire or ACH to:

Citizens Bank, Providence, RI

ABA #: 011500120 (for wire)

ABA #: 211070175 (for ACH)

Account #: 1107456069     Account Name: The Boston Home, Inc. Operating Account

By Mail:

You may mail a check payable to The Boston Home to the address below:

Attn: Ali Cahill, The Boston Home, 2049 Dorchester Avenue, Boston, MA 02124

You may make a gift by visiting The Boston Home’s giving page here.

You may make a pledge by filling out the pledge form.


Gifts of Stock

The Boston Home accepts gifts of publicly held stock, which we sell immediately upon receipt. Gifts of closely held stock and other private business interests will require prior review and approval by The Boston Home.

Stock Transfer
You may donate stock by transferring shares directly to The Boston Home through your brokerage account using the instructions shown below. When making a stock transfer please include your name and notify us when the stock transfer has been requested providing the name of the security and the number of shares transferred.

Stock transfer instructions:

Fidelity Investments

DTC #: 0226

Account #: Z50-278696

Account Name: The Boston Home Inc.


Life Insurance Gifts

You may assign a paid-up life insurance policy to The Boston Home or name The Boston Home as a primary or successor beneficiary of the proceeds.


Gifts of Retirement Plan Assets

You may have an IRA or other qualified retirement plan whose value is considerably more than you need for retirement. In such a case, you might want to use the assets to make a current outright gift, or you might prefer to have the assets contributed via a bequest (see below).



A bequest is a gift made upon death, pursuant to a provision in a donor’s will or revocable living trust. Bequests have contributed significantly to the building to our endowment and they can also be designated for other purposes, such as unrestricted operating support or future facility improvement. You may make a bequest by notifying The Boston Home of your bequest intention.