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We are an innovative, diverse community for adults with advanced neurological disorders. Our state-of-the-art services enable members of our community to lead creative and purposeful lives. We are leaders in achieving excellence in standards of care.

The Boston Home 2023 Annual Report


Portrait of Phillips Brooks

Phillips Brooks
Co-Founder of The Boston Home

The Boston Home was founded in 1881 by Cordelia Harmon and Rev. Phillips Brooks, Rector of Trinity Church in Boston. It was originally called The Home for Incurables - its mission - to care for chronically ill young men and women that had no place to live. 

Today, The Boston Home is a national model for the care of adults with advanced progressive neurological disorders, primarily multiple sclerosis. We provide the highest level of care in a specialized residential facility. We are one of only a few facilities in the nation that meets the needs of this population. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society recognized The Boston Home as an exemplary service provider and designated it a “Center for the Promotion of Excellence in Long-term Care.” 

Resident and guest Enjoy The Boston Home Garden

In 2005, The Boston Home opened B.Fit!, a day program of wellness and socialization. Participants enjoy social outings, educational classes, and workshops. B.Fit! members have access to The Boston Home’s Wheelchair Enhancement Center, Seating Clinic, and Rehabilitation services. Since 2020, B.Fit! has also offered virtual participation, and now welcomes virtual participation from across the country.

Boston Home B.Fit Members at Symphony Hall Boston

In 2013 The Boston Home initiated the effort to build Harmon Apartments, an affordable, fully-accessible apartment building for disabled adults. Teaming up with experienced development partner Affirmative Investments, TBH found support from among its many stakeholders, including disability advocates, neighbors and neighborhood associations, and most importantly our civic leaders at the City of Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 

In May 2019 Harmon Apartments opened its doors with thirty-six apartments. Harmon Apartments is an independent, mixed-income community, serving adults living with physical disabilities, including those that are progressively degenerative. Harmon Apartments was conceived in the spirit of Cordelia Harmon.  It is located on The Boston Home campus.